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Protecting your interests, now and in the years to come.

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Initial Consultation: Tell us what your goals are and what matters most to you.

The first step in any legal dispute is to define what your goals are and what matters the most. From there, we will obtain specific details about your unique situation and formulate your best legal path forward – identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and various options to accomplish your goals.

Family Law, VA

Selecting the Path: Once you know your options we help you choose the best path that fits your goals.

Once you understand your legal options, the legal barriers you may face, we assist you in selecting the best path forward which will take into consideration your goals, investment of time and money, and likelihood of success.

“Very knowledgeable and great at pulling out the right details to make the outcome successful.”
— Patricia

Family Law, VA

Execution of Plan: We are skilled litigators which gives our clients an edge whether it’s in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Once you have selected the path you wish to take, we will guide you through the execution of the plan – whether it be seeking a settlement through negotiations or litigation. We will provide high-quality customer service, diligence, and a level of care that will help you stay committed to your plan and seeing it through.

Family Law, VA

Outcome: Aggressive representation coupled with real life experience, understanding, and client care ensures your goals and best interests remain our mark.

We can never guarantee an outcome, but we can guarantee diligence, service, and professionalism at every stage of your case.