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We protect our client’s best interest by focusing on our client’s goals and forming a clear strategic plan for the best path forward.

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Mike Daugherty and Kim Luckey. trial Lawyers in Northern Va.

Mike Daugherty & Kim Luckey

We are trial lawyers known for our experience in family law. Because we also know the real-life challenges of being parents and a couple, we’re able to provide strategic legal advice on the best path through the uncertainty of divorce or family separation. Our attention to detail in trial preparation, procedure, and building cases that resonate with Virginia judges makes us equally strong advocates for business, injury, and civil litigation cases.

Daugherty Luckey PLLC Team

“Genuine, kind and extremely knowledgeable. Made my exhausting case simple and effortless”
— Tia

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Kim Luckey meeting with a client in northern virginia

“Exceptional representation on a few different occasions and worth every penny”
— Alex

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Leesburg, VA courthouse

“Mike’s ability to make the judge care about me as an out-of-state father enabled me to secure justice.”
— Tom

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