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Experienced representation and counsel that cares at every step.

professional representation

Expect our full attention.

The clients that come to Daugherty Luckey after disappointing legal representation tell us the main difference between our firm and others – our actions demonstrate we actually care, and our clients immediately experience it.

The attorneys at Daugherty Luckey work closely with our clients at every step of their case – unlike many firms that delegate tasks to junior associates – we believe every step of the case is important and deserves our attention. We make ourselves available to our clients because we understand legal disputes are extremely stressful. Having the assurance that your attorneys will be available and return your e-mails or calls is crucial to the Daugherty Luckey experience and the success of your case.

Expect effective legal strategies and coping strategies.

All cases – especially divorces – can trigger deep emotions. Decisions influenced by emotions are not always the best decisions for you or your case. In addition to building the best legal strategy, we share psychological techniques and our deep experience to help you cope with the emotions, so you can make the best decisions possible. 

“I’m grateful for [these] real attorneys who are passionate and honest.”
— Tee

Family Law, VA

Expect us to focus on who will decide your case.

Most cases will be decided by a judge if an alternative resolution cannot be reached. Our focus and advice is driven by what a judge would think, so in the event we end up in litigation, our client’s case will resonate with a judge for a better chance for a better outcome. 

Family Law, VA

Expect utterly professional representation.

As experienced trial attorneys, we are not intimidated by the prospect of court. We know court procedures, the law, and our preparation will assure the best case is put forward. If court can be avoided, all the better, but the assurance that we will see the case though gives our clients the confidence of continuity.